At InnerFront, It's All About People.

Why InnerFront exists

InnerFront exists to revolutionize the way people connect with the brands and businesses they love.


Behind The Name

ˈinərfrənt: A company that gives others an "inside front" against changing markets

The name InnerFront is made up of two parts: "Inner" and "Front." Our goal is to give businesses a way to change alongside changing markets by connecting them to their customers on a person to person level.

Why We Do It

We believe everything in life should be about the way we impact the people we interact with. Whether that happens in real life or through social media, we work to enhance those interactions.


The InnerFront Philosophy

The world is becoming less human, and more robotic. We see Artificial Intelligence taking over more and more jobs. We see people making fewer real human connections, and more "friends" online via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social networks. 

InnerFront is taking a stand. We are learning how to make AI work for people, not against people.  We are learning how to make social networks create real human connections, not fake ones.

We aren't here to work against new technologies.
We're here to work with them to enhance the human life.



The Team

After being passionate about digital marketing for almost 10 years, Ted Murphy started InnerFront to help businesspeople make better use of their knowledge and experience by becoming influencers. So, he started to build his platform, TallRedheaded, to grow his influence and show others how it works.

He's been recognized by Morgan Brown, the VP of Marketing at Inman News and co-founder of, as one of the best marketers to follow on Snapchat.

You can follow Ted's complete entrepreneurial journey on Snapchat, on Instagram, or LinkedIn @TallRedheaded.

Ted Murphy

Founder, CEO


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